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On State level, this tool shows number of power outages between 2000 and Sept. 2015. You can limit power outages by season, e.g., summer only.

On county level, this tool shows CDC DAILY TEMPERATURE in the base layer, you can use either maximum temperature, minimum temperature or extreme temperature (defined as above 90% percentile) to render the counties. You can turn on/off EPA DAILY NO2 layer (highlighted in \) and/or EPA DAILY OZONE layer (highlighted in /) and/or NDSSL SOCIAL ISOLATION layer (highlighted in —) by checking on/off the checkbox to explore correlation between layers.

For any layer, you can use the range slider to view a subset of data that has value in the selected interval.

Power Outage Data in 2009

Power outage data in 2009 for selected state is shown in below table.

You can expand the width of table by dragging the separator between the panels. By clicking on the date, data for selected date will be loaded and shown on the map. The data table also supports sort and export.

To sort, click on the triangle icon next to each attribute name.

To export, click on "CSV" button.

Map Navigation

  • Drag the mouse to pan
  • Mouse Scroll Forward/Backward to zoom in/out
  • SHIFT + Drag the mouse to zoom in
  • Double Click to Center and Zoom in
  • Use arrow keys to pan
  • Use +/- key to zoom in/out a level